Organic cane sugar

— Fairtrade, obviously


Fresh organic Limes

— Bitter fruits from happy farmers

We purchased our Fairtrade lime from the Brazilian cooperative Coagrosol until an outbreak of the plant disease Dragón Amarillo. Unfortunately, there are currently no Fairtrade-certified limes that meet our quality requirements. We are diligently looking for a replacement - and of course we continue to pay the same Fairtrade premium to the lime farmers, irrespective of the certification.


Just the best - nothing less

— No chemicals, no nonsense



Carbonated water, lime juice (10%), cane sugar.



Energy: 116kj (27 kcal), Carbohydrate: 6.0g, of which sugars: 6.0g
Contains traces of fat, saturates, protein and salt.

Lemonaid - Lime 33cl

kr 30,00Pris
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